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Our success was born from disrupting the rigid culture of traditional corporate search firms. We’ve created a new economy of executive search that employs flexibility, agility, and customisation for our clients.


Offering our clients a service that goes beyond just a transaction, we believe in building relationships based on loyalty, respect and trust. As a result, many of our client relationships have lasted well over 15 years.  


Many of our customers have commented that it is our deep analytical and tailored approach that keeps them coming back to us.


We work intensively to provide a hands-on and human approach to executive search. We have built an outstanding track record in recruiting board and senior executives across a wide range of industry sectors. Our independence and flexibility enable us to source and headhunt candidates from the widest possible talent pool and our reach is truly global. 50% of our work is supporting clients on global campaigns. Clients retain our executive search and selection services when they are looking to achieve positive change, growth and competitive advantage. Clients range in scale from start-ups, to privately-held family firms and to the world's largest corporations.


The world of work will never be the same again and none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Global integration, technological advancement, and intense competition are just some of the pressures that alternate between threatening and promising the bottom line. 


This uncertainty and volatility will be with us for the foreseeable future and is impacting not only the financial health of organisations, but also the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of their people. 


Building the right team with the right skills has always been vital. In today’s business landscape, ensuring and maintaining the strength, agility and resilience of those teams, now takes centre stage as business critical for those organisations that want to not just survive, but thrive in the new normal.

The Works

The Works is a comprehensive roadmap to well-being and an effective solution to the very real and immediate challenges of a post 2020 world. It makes coaching affordable and accessible, and empowers people to be their best on every level. 


It achieves this through a process of self-organised learning, interval coaching and master classes, delivered through live streaming or face-to-face seminars, and also features a library of curated, digital resources to inform and inspire participants both during and beyond the programme.

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